A Take on Comm…

…and emerging media.

Welcome to the Flying Comm Guy. This blog is the online home for me, Josh, an airline pilot and trade union communications guru. A year ago I made the decision to search out a mass communications graduate program to help provide more credibility to my skills as a communications tactician – little did I know that my undergraduate school was rolling out a strategic communications graduate program. A few forms here, a couple signatures over there, a successful score on the MAT, and here I am – entering my third term in the Troy University Master of Science in Strategic Communication program.

My professional life is somewhat complicated to explain, however stick with me and you’ll understand what it is I really do. Yes, I fly airplanes – however I only fly one or two trips a month. During the other periods of time I fill one of two communication posts for our local pilot union. Chiefly, we provide communication advocacy and produce and publish a weekly newsletter to our pilots covering the work being performed on their behalf by any of our 20 standing committees. Our pilot group is also in the late stages of contract negotiations and frequent updates on negotiating progress is necessary. We deliver information that may not be smart to place in print by using a Pilot to Pilot, word of mouth, dissemination method. Weekly conference calls to coordinate the spread of a message by specially trained volunteers. So, to clarify – I fly as often as I can while providing communication support to our local union.

This blog will not only satisfy the academic requirements of coursework with Troy, I intend to use it to improve my own personal communication philosophy. With the collaborative help of classmates and other communication professionals I hope to gain additional insight and perhaps different perspectives on challenges facing communication professionals in their own areas of expertise. I encourage anyone reading this blog to provide feedback and comments on any and all of my writing.

It is my intention to post at least once a week, highlighting the subject matter of our coursework throughout this term. Topics will range from utilizing emerging social media tools, communication advocacy, crisis communication, media development, always-on public relations, and other elements of strategic communications.

I encourage you to bookmark this blog and visit frequently. https://flyingcommguy.wordpress.com is here for all of our enjoyment and enrichment and I welcome any suggestions that can be used to enhance the blog.

I want to look back after this term and see the value in the work performed to make this blog successful. Collaborative minds can accomplish a lot. I’m looking forward to working with all of my peers. I have a passion for advocating for an open communication philosophy and sharing as many details with your audience as possible without sacrificing strategic initiatives.

For my classmates – Good luck! For those visiting – Thank you, favorite this blog and visit frequently. Your input is also highly valuable.

Til next week…



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