My Morning Rundown.

Every morning a number of e-mails hit my inbox. Purposefully setup as a means to get the intellectual juices going for the day, these e-mails provide my first interaction with the happenings of the late evening and early morning. Ranging from global politics to the aviation industry, each e-mail has a focused subject matter that give me the necessary background information for potential news stories of the upcoming late morning, afternoon, and evening.

So…what are they? Well, here you go!

ALPA Daily – Airline, Labor, and Government Affairs morning update. Usually updated about 9:00am ET. Produced by communication staff at the Air Line Pilot’s Association, Intl –

IFALPA Daily News – Similar to ALPA Daily, however, it has a global feel rather than simply a North American feel such as normally found within ALPA Daily. News items are compiled by staff at the International Federation of Air Line Pilot’s Associations –

GlobalPost Morning Chatter – Global politics must know stories, with a minor hint of commentary. Coverage spans the globe and highlights the top international stories of the night and upcoming day. Item is produced by staff at the GlobalPost –

Council on Foreign Relations – Daily News Brief – Similar as the GlobalPost’s product, however from a more widely known source. The Council on Foreign Relations is the leading independent think-tank and publisher for all things within the political arena of foreign relations. Coverage addresses current events, political-economic news and issues, the realities of globalization and trade liberalization, the developing world, and relations amongst the world’s legitimate states and non-state actors. The Daily News Brief is the CFR’s first update to the changing world we live in for the morning.

No one likes to receive too many e-mails that required some of their attention when they wake up at 6:30, or 7:00, or 9:00 in the morning, but the above four products do me just fine. My two subject areas comfortably provided to me in an easy to digest form.

What are YOUR morning rundown sources? Do you have any, if so, please share. I’m interested in what other news related products are available for the communications, aviation, legal, and global politics arena.

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