The things I see

Over the past few days of flying I realized again how beautiful our Earth’s landscape is, even if it is just the east coast of the United States. That said, every trip I am going to try to snap a few simple photos using my phone’s camera and share them with you. Do not be surprised if you notice a trend of dawn or dusk photos. Daytime, from altitude, photos do not seem to come out that great due to too much lighting.

With that out of the way…


I am an unapologetic Dunkin Donuts fan. I run on Dunkin, and can not stand sacrificing my taste buds to anything less. Anytime I see one, I have to stop. At an airport I’m new to, I have to find out if one is near. Just the way I operate.

clouds and sun mix

Dawn. One of the most beautiful and peaceful times to fly. The mixture of stratus/strato-cumulus and some high-level cirrostratus cloud cover on an early morning departure provides an awesome tool to scatter sunlight and bring out some really brilliant colors.

clouds and sun mix 2

Brilliant colors – meet wordpress readers. Pure beauty. Thank you Earth, Sun, and moisture.

One quick video I also managed to snag. Friends and family are always amazed at how closely we may fly by other aircraft during cruise flight. Albeit, this perfect setup does not occur all that often, it does from time to time. Enjoy this quick clip of traffic flying past us, a thousand feet above us. The two of us were both easily flying at least 450mph.

guess this spot

And lastly – flying north along the Hudson river on arrival into LaGuardia, NY. How could I pass up an opportunity to highlight the 1,776 foot tall Freedom Tower of the new World Trade Center complex in lower Manhattan.

This is just a small taste. Let me know if there is anything specific, or a type of photograph that you would like to see. I have no problem sharing aspects of my flying life

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