The primary focus of this blog is the discussion of leadership and media strategies while collaborating with other communication professionals and students. A majority of posts will touch on communication techniques and strategies as discussed during studies. However, a number of posts will feature the FCG’S professional endeavours when not writing about communication strategies.

The FCG is active within his local community as a loyal member of a number of civic organizations. He is also available to help aid small businesses, public officials, and political candidates develop a communication plan that maximizes engagement with crucial audiences.

In addition to his academic history, he is a FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with Instrument (CFI-I) and Multi-Engine (MEI)ratings. He is available for biennial flight reviews or instrument proficiency checks with at least a two weeks notice due to varying degrees of availability.

A full CV is available upon request for organizations requesting communication or aviation safety consulting. Please use the below contact form to request this information. Verifiable credentials will be necessary before information is provided.

Feel free to use the below comment form to write him directly.


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