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The Challenges of Automation

The following was submitted in my Florida Institute of Technology Human Factors course (AHF5101). Feel free to provide your thoughts and input. Automation in Part 121 flight decks have certainly been a benefit but recent accidents highlight the┬ádegradation of pilot … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here?

As strategic communication specialists we recognize that the land we stand on today may not appear familiar to us a week in the future, much less a year or five or more down the road. The digital landscape, much like … Continue reading

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Branding – Making it Effective

It always amazes me at the somewhat common sense things that are shared through an intellectual prism courtesy of TED. Founded 29 years ago, TED has been spreading worthy ideas through its annual TED conferences, regional TEDx conferences and other … Continue reading

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The Power of Crowdsourcing – More than Problem Solving

Yes, without a doubt, crowdsourcing has successfully solved countless organizational problems that likely may not have been solved through traditional research and design/development processes. Traditional thinking required specialized problem solvers working in small teams to analyze, develop corrective actions, implement … Continue reading

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Growth and Power of Blogs

Jorn Barger, father of the term weblog and subsequently blog, initialized the transition from Usenet discussion board or newsgroup environments to personalized websites that allowed for free expression and self-disclosure by an individualized writer. Over the past decade and a … Continue reading

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Social Media: A Required Paradigm Shift

“Most companies recognize social media as a disruptive force that will gather strength rather than attenuate.” “This needs to change. We are convinced that organizations that develop a critical mass of leaders who master the six dimensions of organizational media … Continue reading

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Mobile Social Media the World Over

Before I continue with this post, I want to remind folks of the situation that was initially laid out in my initial post for COM6630. In short – Old media vs. new media, traditional communication tools vs. emerging technology, and … Continue reading

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