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Growth and Power of Blogs

Jorn Barger, father of the term weblog and subsequently blog, initialized the transition from Usenet discussion board or newsgroup environments to personalized websites that allowed for free expression and self-disclosure by an individualized writer. Over the past decade and a … Continue reading

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Journalism’s Evolving Landscape

Journalism, the basic act of providing content to an interested public, is evolving. Traditionally viewed as a practice performed by members of an institutional organization, journalism is beginning to encompass many more individuals than those simply under the employment of … Continue reading

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My Morning Rundown.

Every morning a number of e-mails hit my inbox. Purposefully setup as a means to get the intellectual juices going for the day, these e-mails provide my first interaction with the happenings of the late evening and early morning. Ranging … Continue reading

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Tornado Safety – and State Budgets

This spring members of the Moore, OK community were once again reminded of the strength of springtime thunderstorms and how quickly, and drastically, these storms can change their lives. Tornados are not a foreign concept to most residents of Oklahoma, … Continue reading

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