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Growth and Power of Blogs

Jorn Barger, father of the term weblog and subsequently blog, initialized the transition from Usenet discussion board or newsgroup environments to personalized websites that allowed for free expression and self-disclosure by an individualized writer. Over the past decade and a … Continue reading

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Social Media: A Required Paradigm Shift

“Most companies recognize social media as a disruptive force that will gather strength rather than attenuate.” “This needs to change. We are convinced that organizations that develop a critical mass of leaders who master the six dimensions of organizational media … Continue reading

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What Has Happened to Our Newspapers? – 6630

(Blog posts with a four number identifier after the title reflect the course number that this blog was written for. Over the next 10 weeks an increasing number of posts will have a number at the end as both courses … Continue reading

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Organizational Blogs

A number of organizations have quickly embraced social media and web technology to spread information to their employees, customers, policy makers, and the news media. In addition to incorporating a presence on Facebook and Twitter, organizations have dedicated communication capital … Continue reading

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